Friday, November 27, 2009

Girl 24 | Your best Gil Elvgren Pinup

This was a tuff one lol :P


Muffin said...

wow, erica! that has to be one of your best ones! I love the expression, the clothes and texture. Beautiful! :)

Tooninator said...

Erica!! you knocked this one out of the park!!!! Absolutely charming and superbly painted

diget said...

WOW! Realllly?
:) Thank You sooooo much (:
I am glad you like it Muffin!

Thank you Matt!
I realllllly tried on this one lol :)
It was soooooo tempting to draw it the way i usually do, but i decided to push my self :) thanx for the great topics :D

mimi said...

wow from me too, erica...


and that was my jaw dropping.... : )

Tooninator said...

that's what it's all about Erica. If this blog pushes you beyond your norm, then it's a success

diget said...

Wow thx mimi :D
& thanks again matt :)

Anita Inverarity said...

Devine !! So beautiful and an authentic tribute, while still recognisable as your style. LOVE IT x

diget said...

thank you anita :) xx

heri said...

one of your best ones Erica.

diget said...

thanks heri bee :)