Saturday, November 7, 2009


Potarttoyz girl 11

Week end !!!

Muffin Girl 10 - "Wild Hair"

I'm really good at the dance floor.
People always give me so much space, it's like they want me to dance more.
How nice arent they, huh?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Robert Palmer's Girl Heri 09

Here is the first topic by Mimi
I think I might know all the lyrics to Addicted To Love because of watching it 30+ times!

Tooninator Girl 9 (Robert Palmer)

this is all you're getting for today

Heri Girl 08

Inspired by Joaquin's girl 5
and the simplicity shapes.

Heri girl 07

Basic shapes and vivid colors. :)
Using photoshop and 3 layers. :p

Muffin Girl 9 - "Robert Palmer Girl"

It had to be her. :)

Andrew girl 2

The next image of unabashed sensuality

Andrew girl 1

Howdy folks!

Muffin Girl 8

Hm.. trying photoshop painting is not easy at all.
Matt - how do you do it? :P Seriously.

80's GIRL (Anita 009)

Potarttoyz Robert Palmer Girl - 9

Tooninator Girl 8

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 8


Modelled on our own sweet Mimi. Thanks hon xx

DRIAD (Anita 007)

Potarttoyz Girl 8

Old lady in subway...

Muffin Girl 7

I know I'll complain loudly about the snow in a few weeks,
but I gotta admit I love the first days. :)
It's magical.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tooninator Girl 7

Marlo Meekins
(I'm at the Caricature Convention in Sandusky, Ohio)

Muffin Girl 6

Yawn. Something different, again.

Good night!

Erica Girl 7| Me and my Vectors

MUffin wanted to see more vectors
and i wanted to paint a little lol soo. . .
i mixed the two . . . I will be revisting
this to improve upon it :P

Ok.. I know you guys are going to be upset, but...

Here are girls 16 to 54
I'll post them all individually as well later.

That said.

I know I'm not following the rules, and that I should have done the" assigned" themes.
I apologize for that, and now that I have the "freestyle" images out of the way I will do the themed ones.
It's just more of a challenge for me to do it this way.


Heri Girl 06

Girl number six.
done in illustrator and experimenting with patters in photoshop.

Heri Blonde 05

Girl number five. Blue eyes, Blond Hair with pig ping skin! :p

Heri Girl 04

Here is number 4. :)
I find my self looking at my sketchbook and seeing a lot of pink sketches.

Heri Girl 03 Halloween girl.

Hi everyone!
Had a busy couple of days and I was unable to post anything however I have been drawing. :)

I'm back guys! :)

I kept it simple, black and white!

Potarttoyz girl 7

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 7

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tooninator Girl 6

(I stole your style Pascal....well, in a less good way)

I'm at the Caricature Convention in Ohio for the next week, so I'll try and keep up, but they might not be the most amazing posts.

Erica Girl 6

Muffin Girl 5

I was away this weekend, so I'm kinda late on the number five.
But here we go. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 6

BUNNY HUG (Anita 006)

Potarttoyz Girl 6

Sunday, November 1, 2009

JULIET DREAM (Anita 005)

Erica Girl 5 |Vector & photoshop

Potarttoyz Girl 5

"Gilrfinger" :)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 5

Tooninator Girl 5

Just moments ago I finished up the last piece of artwork for my second children's book. So I thought I'd share a girl from it. I'll post more about the book on my blog when i've slept.