Friday, November 13, 2009

Lotus Flower (Anita 017)

Girl 16 Luchadora.

Done in brush pen and watercolor.

My Diabla

quick sketch filled in with photoshop.

Muffin Girl 14 - "Cyborg"

I had to google cyborg. :P (sounds like a beer brand)


Drawn on paper in secret at the office.
Had to get one more down before the weekend.

Friday the Thirteenth, everyone! :O

Muffin Girl 13 - "Tears or Smudged mascara"

aaaaah, I give up. I drew this the day of the theme - but helloooo. I could do better, I thought. Obviously I couldnt. I couldnt even find time to try, or to do any of the other girls. :P

I knew it. I was so ahead the first week, and now I'm all struggling. And we've only come to 16. HAHA.
Yeah well. A challenge!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DEE DEE DIABLA (Anita 015)

My 014 Cyborg is still being built- coming soon

Tooninator Girl 14(Cyborg)

I drew a blank on this one and it pissed me off

Girl 14 Cyborg

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girl 13 Smudge mascara

Girl 12

Done in watercolor, brush pen and color pencils.

Girl 11

I found my self drawing a lot of water drop shape head characters, here is one of them.

Girl 10 wild hair

Watercolors and brush pen for Mimi's wild hair topic.

Erica Girl 13 | tears or smudged mascara

Erica Girl 12

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tooninator Girl 12

Tooninator Girl 11

Tooninator Girl 10 (Crazy Hair)

Hey guys and gals. Sorry I've been absent. I'll stop with the caricatures after these next three. Didn't get a chance to post them til now.

Muffin Girl 12

Girl .. girls .. moms.. tots.

and some boys. (:

Muffin Girl 11

I tried drawing in Flash like Pascal does. I never ever thought it'd be THAT difficult. I'm embarrased to tell you I spent hours on these! ;P Gosh.

Click it to see better.

Erica Girl 11

Erica Girl 10 | Wild Hair