Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tooninator Girl 84 (Ancient Rome)

Girl 48 | Girl with her camera

Potarttoyz Girl 55 - Winter

Potarttoyz Girl 54

Where are you from ?

LITTLE RED (Anita 100)

Crop of "Lost in the Woods" from my Little Red Series
with Blacked out background.
TA DA !! OK I still have to do 94 and want to take some
time there (its a great pic). So maybe tommorrow(almost
but not quite !!!)
I hope everyone continues to post, even though its the
"last" day- I'm enjoying seeing the work so much.
Its been a pleasure and a blimin challenge and a half-
so a bit of short cutting was in order to keep my sanity.

Have a Great Weekend xxx


NIGHT GAIA (Anita 098)

My Original "Gaia" with black background

EMILY (Anita 097)

Crop from "See Emily Play" with White Out Background

Potarttoyz Girl 53


Another detail from "My Little Cupcake" with blacked out background


Will come back to 94. The last of my free topics are not new works, but playing around with crops and colors on existing pieces. Soz folks, but I need to finish and its quite fun seeing what I can pull out too :)) I suppose they are new posts in a round about way lol
Crop from "My Little CupCake"


NUIT (Anita 092)

SUMMER (Anita 091)

The Photo Link was gone- So I did a Free Topic :))


Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 85 ( Holland Girl from 1200 AD)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tooninator Girl 83 (Ancient Egypt)

Girl 47

Girl 46 | Alt small T's and Big A girl

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 84 (Ancient Rome Girl)

Girl 45|Crosseyed girl

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 83 (Ancient Egypt Girl)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 82

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 81

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 80 (Girl in Greek Vase)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 79 (Henri Matisse Style)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 78 (Robert Crumb Style)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 77 (Fernando Botero Style)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 76 (Jean Dubuffet Style)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 75

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 74

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 73 (Renaissance Girl)

Joaquín Aldeguer Girl 72 (Girl in Water)

Potarttoyz Girl 52 - Shibuya Girl

Potarttoyz Girl 51 - thigh high stripe socks girl