Friday, November 13, 2009

Muffin Girl 14 - "Cyborg"

I had to google cyborg. :P (sounds like a beer brand)


Drawn on paper in secret at the office.
Had to get one more down before the weekend.

Friday the Thirteenth, everyone! :O


Anita Inverarity said...

Awwwww her pet went Kaput ! This is so funny- love it xx

mimi said...

haha... your bot girl still has the rollers in her hair.... or are they screws?? ;P
fun and funny and awesome bot, muffin... : ) x

Annie said...

I love this Miss Muffin! It's so different from your usual, and so fun! Still so much expression and character in it though- i love that about your works- your people are so relateable!