Monday, December 14, 2009

Girls 55, 56, 57, 58, 59.....177, 178, 179...and a half

Just sketches.. I know, I know...I still haven't done the themed ones.. but I was sketching this weekend, and I was on a roll of drawing girls.

One of the girls in the last image is cut halfway up, so she's a halfsy, and I'm not counting the baby...who just happens to be a girl of course!



Tooninator said...

These are some really refreshing girls from you. I really love that they're loose, energetic, full of character, and as simple as black and white sketches

Muffin said...

reading the title i wasnt sure if i wanted to see the drawings. ;P SO MANY DONE. I'm in awe. :) Your sketches are the best i see, I just love the energy and details. :) Love it love it.

Now I gotta get my butt moving and do my job here at the blog.

Anita Inverarity said...

WOW I had such fun zooming in to see all the details- AWESOME JOB x

Anita Inverarity said...

WOW Again !!!!

pascal said...

Tooninator..Thank you, I really appreciate that!

Muffin...awwwww Thank you. know.. you're a pretty prolific girl you know!!

Anita.. ahahah Thank you

R.Dress said...

Man these drawings are great! I love all the stories and the sheer cuteness of these gals.