Thursday, February 4, 2010

LITTLE RED (Anita 100)

Crop of "Lost in the Woods" from my Little Red Series
with Blacked out background.
TA DA !! OK I still have to do 94 and want to take some
time there (its a great pic). So maybe tommorrow(almost
but not quite !!!)
I hope everyone continues to post, even though its the
"last" day- I'm enjoying seeing the work so much.
Its been a pleasure and a blimin challenge and a half-
so a bit of short cutting was in order to keep my sanity.

Have a Great Weekend xxx


Tooninator said...

Congratulations, Anita. It was a pleasure to work alongside you :)

Your style is all your own. Keep at it and don't be shy to pop in and say hi once this is all over.

Anita Inverarity said...

YAY Cheers Mate- I'm looking forward to watching the posts after I finish 94.
Really honoured to be involved and thanks for keeping me motivated.
I most certainly will be keeping up with your art projects, and the others too :))) Its been great xx