Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heri Girl 03 Halloween girl.

Hi everyone!
Had a busy couple of days and I was unable to post anything however I have been drawing. :)

I'm back guys! :)

I kept it simple, black and white!


Anita Inverarity said...

Woweeeeeee :))) Great to have you back- this is immensly CUTE !! Love your B&W xx

diget said...

LOL way to catch up LOL just awesome heri bee!

Muffin said...

she's soo cute! :) like a little nerd. :D haha.

Waldo said...

i think i just found my next tattoo! do i need your permission? lol, im obsessed with this blog!

The Potarttoyz said...

Great Come back Heri!!!! Love this post.

heri said...

this was fun, I'm gonna try a few more in black and white.

Waldo. I'm addicted to this blog also.

thanks guys.