Thursday, November 5, 2009

Robert Palmer's Girl Heri 09

Here is the first topic by Mimi
I think I might know all the lyrics to Addicted To Love because of watching it 30+ times!


heri said...

Also on the video why don't these girls ever smile?

Muffin said...

lol. I just hit the pause button and kept it there. ;P never even heard the song once.

Very nice drawing, heri. :) I especially like her face.
girls like these dont smile.

Anita Inverarity said...

Very NICE !!!
I was a punk/goth in the 80's so this one was slightly painful lol (cant get the tune out of my head now)

The Potarttoyz said...

BRILLANT!!!!!!!! love her face, the pose, the guitar...
Heri you kill me :)

Kristen McCabe said...

Awesome tribute to those girls.

I've always wanted to dress up as one for Halloween.