Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ok.. I know you guys are going to be upset, but...

Here are girls 16 to 54
I'll post them all individually as well later.

That said.

I know I'm not following the rules, and that I should have done the" assigned" themes.
I apologize for that, and now that I have the "freestyle" images out of the way I will do the themed ones.
It's just more of a challenge for me to do it this way.



Adam Temple said...

Ah yes, the classic mall theme...Why do they look so good when feeding off the material teet? I wanted to do a piece like this recently, but never finished it...But I doubt I poop girls at your frequency. Koodos, you cheater!

Anita Inverarity said...

Fabulous post, love the reflections. Look forward to seeing them individual too, my eyesight isnt coping and they all look really inventive.
Excited to see your topic girls x

Joaquín Aldeguer said...

But... they're 50 theme girls... and 50 free theme girls... something's wrong.. oops! Lovely girls anyway. ;)

Muffin said...

so so soso soo amazing, pascal. :) i cant even imagine how much fun you have making these! I looove this one, i love the long scene and the icy look and the things going on. you are my fave.

diget said...

This is so freakin coool my gosh

pascal said...

Thanks Guys!

Joaquin.. ho shoot.. I think I'll do more than 100 girls then.

Muffin.. You know. it's been what.. four years now that we've starting communicating over the internet? and, after all that time, I still get a HUGE grin on my face each time YOU say something like that.
thank you Muff, you sure know how to make my day!

Diget. Thank you

Muffin said...

loved hearing that, pascal. :) thank you!
I've been in love with your work since day one, with the pigs and the story-thing you and biocreep did at the flight. :) the thrill i get when i click your images is aaalmost my favorite part (apart from actually studying the image).

Waldo said...

i love the details...its cool how every girl is an individual, extremely well done!

Tooninator said...

oh man. This is a treat. SO much to dig through and discover. I'm gonna have to come back to this a few times. I can't pick a fav, sorry.

The Potarttoyz said...

Waaa, it's incredible !!! she looks all alive :)